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when I walk the last mile 

let there be 
peace that passes understanding 
let meadows of wildflowers 
within my heart 
let the wind 
of the oceans 
softly touch my naked self 
and from the vast 
untouched wilderness 
of the world 
let there be birds singing in chorus 
and let my last walk 
lead me to the place 
with children laughing

James C. Hartsell
AKA Wintersong
posted at The Peaceful Pub
March 7, 2010
© 2010

why do I love you
(for  larrie)

if I were a cat
with nine lives
i’d spend them with you

two furry creatures 
on a downy cloud

it’s not your physical beauty
nor your intellectual prowess 
it’s not the way you walk
or talk
it’s not the way
your eyes flash understanding
almost before I speak

it’s in your heart
your heart 
and in the way
it ties its strings
around all people

James C. Hartsell
AKA Wintersong
posted at The Peaceful Pub
March 21, 2010
© 2010

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