Peter Crossland
aka Willowdown

November 1953 -- February 2016

In Loving Memory
Photograph by Willowdown.c. 2010
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"If I should die before you I promise
If there's a way to contact you I'll try,
Maybe in a thought or when you're dreaming,
To tell exactly how it felt to die.
However, if you should go before me
Please come to me and whisper in my ear
To let me know what I should prepare for,
And whether there is any cause fear."

"There is no cause for fear, my child
- fear is but a bogey-man created in the twilight
and given strength by twitching shadows.
When the mind is fixed on Him
nothing can assail you, physical or spiritual
- the strength of every summer is yours
and the light of every star.

Death does not separate love from love
but reunites those scattered near and far.
To die is but to greet an old familiar friend
and to recognize that you and He
were never really parted
but that He stood by your side
every second of each day
- closer than your heartbeat,
more intimate than breath,
walking every mile with you
until the very end.

There is no pain or sorrow in death
but only quiet joy and bliss:
the frailty of flesh is strengthened
by the touch of living light,
all wounds healed
by the Master's kiss.

Do not sorrow or grieve for that which passes
- life is not in dust or ashes
but in the Consciousness Eternal:
wise and loving, strong, maternal.
Take strength from all living beauty
- this is Man's one and only duty:
to gaze upon the Face of Love
as long as he is able."

"But what of the pain of separation,
The leaving of the ones we love behind,
I know what I felt when loved ones left me,
That severing of earthly ties that bind.
I trust that I will see the Face of Love,
And dare to hope that He will welcome me,
So though fear of the Unknown is daunting
Perhaps even of this I will be free.
These words of yours have comforted my heart
And I will try to focus on the bliss
Which awaits us all when we cross over
That rapture which they've promised us exists."

Many have vowed and made such a pact
- but once the door of Death is passed
there is, it seems, no turning back.
Each must with God and self his own peace make.
If these hidden things were known they would not be a Mystery.
Love and Beauty wear many faces in the world
but no one tiny aspect is the unfathomable Whole.
The human heart can but hold true
to that which it reveres
and cherish hope that good will come
of all that it holds dear.

The Pact
A collaroration by Willowdown and trinimade