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Peter Crossland
aka Willowdown

November 1953 -- February 2016

In Loving Memory
For Willowdown, our good friend Peter Crossland,
and for all those Pubsters whose memories we cherish.

Through the Gifts of Each Our Talents

There are faces that we never see
or hands we do not shake
and it’s true we’ll not meet physically
but don’t make the mistake
it deprives us of a friendship and
the sharing of our souls
through the gift of each our talents that
take on so many roles.
We all come from varied backgrounds and
our cultures are diverse,
though The Pub has helped each one of us
to gather and converse;
share the muse that dwells within us
in a unique special way.
It has forged respect and friendships that
I hope will never stray.
We are conscious of our limits and
mortality of man.
We have said goodbye to loved ones, yes,
the best way that we can.
Though their memories still linger and
we show how much we cared
as we reminisce their talents in
the works they kindly shared.


I am not ashamed to admit that my lips went tight and a tear came to my eye when I read of Willow's passing.
It's strange how one can never meet someone personally but still be apart of their lives and share their expressions of verse and art on life like we all did with Willow.
A complex but simple soul whom we shall miss, but through Sarah's devotion to The Pub his memory will carry on through the pages of Willow's work.
I appreciated his sharing my posts throughout the years and my ... how the years have passed.  For some of us we have know each other for many years.
Excuse me while I wipe away the tears and reminisce on Willow's works.


Merv Webster © 2016