The 2006 Winner
                      of  The Peaceful Pub's 
      Anniversary  Poetry Contest 
Without You

Without You there would not be a sun
To light our days and keep our spirits warm;
No trees to lend their shade and beautify
Our world; no mountains to inspire awe. 

Without You, the moon would never shine,
The stars would steal away to hidden homes,
Oceans would disappear ne'er to be found,
Whilst streams and rivers would simply run dry. 

Without You, there'd be no poetry
No music to uplift the hearts of men
The wonders of Nature would be no more
Than distant dreams of things that we once knew.  

 Without You, Love would cease to exist,
And hearts would become cold and barren sites,
Much like the world would be devoid of You;
And who would want to live in such place?


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The Peaceful Pub
My Poetry

A way to set my spirit free when I
Feel bound by life's turbulent ups and downs;
A recording of my emotions when
They're on a roller coaster ride that seems
To go on forever. A way to say
The words that my tongue tied mouth will sometimes
Refuse to utter; and when my heart is
Heavy burdened, the blank page can well be
My best friend. My poetry, good or bad,
My recreation, my salvation too. 


Dance Time

Despite time, fate and happenstance,
I live this life I have, I dance
To music that is in my head,
Sometimes I lead, sometimes I’m led.

But there are times I dance alone,
For there is no rule cast in stone
That says we cannot dance solo,
And so without a care I go.

The dance can be a joyful one,
With steps not easily outdone,
With heart and mind in unity,
My spirit then unfettered, free.

At other times the dance is sad,  
With heavy heart and feeling bad,
Then I may want to miss a set,
Just sit one out, try to forget.

But once I hear the music play,  
I live to dance another day,  
And once again I’m on my feet,
Who can resist life’s pulsing beat.

And when at last my tired heart
Says ‘time to rest, a brand new start.’
Then comes the time I’ll dance no more,
At least not on this earthly shore.