The 2006 Winner
                      of  The Peaceful Pub's 
      Anniversary  Poetry Contest 
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The Peaceful Pub
Small Token

I wanted to give something back to Him,
To thank Him for the things He’s done for me;
This was a burning wish, not just a whim,
And so I pondered on it carefully.
In time the answer became crystal clear,
Although I was not sure just where to start,
But I knew if I prayed that He would hear,
And so I offered my imperfect heart.
I know I’ll be forever in His debt,
But I am in good hands so I don’t fret.

The Look of Love 

The look of love has magic in it
For that is where it all begins
That look alone and fires are lit
Sends tingles coursing through our skins;
Although no words are necessary
Sweet ones lift us to higher highs,
And while these feelings can be scary
No need to question how or why.

The look of love can create wonder,
Can cast a spell with just one glance,
Make hearts reverberate like thunder
Or spin a web formed for romance
And man will run through hoops of fire,
Cross oceans ‘til the seas run dry,
Risk consequences that are dire
No need to question how or why.

When Darkness Falls

When darkness falls and I no longer see,
And voices of loved ones I cannot hear,
When those who’ve gone before me hover round,
I’ll recognize my time to go is near;
And when my earthly form has served its time,
And every memory has flown my mind,
When emotions no longer hold their sway
And cherished ones perforce are left behind;
When I have severed every earthly tie,
And my soul yearns to be unfettered, free,
Then I will understand my time has come,
And listen as My Master calls to me.
Then will I know that I must journey on
To complete now the last leg of my race,
And if God smiles on me perchance to meet
My Resurrected Saviour, face to face.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Before you start to criticize 
Or to become judgmental, 
To condescend or patronize, 
It might be instrumental 
For you to take the time to check 
And verify your clues, 
And make the choice to make the trek 
Of one mile in my shoes. 

They’ll never be a perfect fit,
They’ll bruise and blister too,  
Might even make you limp a bit,
But that should help to tell you
Who I am, and where I’ve been, why
I do things as I choose,
Here put them on now, don’t be shy,
Walk one mile in my shoes.