The Poui Tree

I can't speak of spring flowers, for we've just two seasons here, 
But I'll tell of the lovely poui that's blooming everywhere. 
It is a tree so beautiful, with branches wide and high, 
Its flowers dressed in golds or pinks, all reaching for the sky. 
It stands tall in blazing glory, majestic and so grand, 
This breath-taking creation, fashioned by the Master's Hand.

Steelband Music

Listen to the music of the pan
And hear about how it all began,
This rhythm so sweet
Can’t  resist the beat.

Even if you don’t know how to dance,
That tenor pan makes you take the chance,
Brings you to your feet,
Can’t resist the beat.

Whether it’s calypso or folksong,
Or classical piece you can’t go wrong, 
You’re in for a treat,
Can’t resist the beat.

If you ever have the chance to hear
Pan music played, then please lend an ear,
A musical feat,
Can’t resist the beat.

There's No Place Like Home

Christopher Columbus came from far across the sea, 
And laid claim to this island, he named The Trinity;. 
But came the British soldiers, prepared to 'civilize,'
They overthrew the Spanish and won this paradise. 

We changed hands a few more times, the French, the Dutch also , 
And very soon Trinidad was linked to Tobago; 
The Arawaks and Caribs had no say in these fights, 
They lost everything they had, their land, culture and rights. 

Next came slaves from Africa, torn from their motherland,
Brought here to serve the ‘massa,’ his wish was their command. 
Then indentured labourers, the Indians, came by choice, 
They worked the land for decades, but they too had no voice . 

And soon the Chinese landed, business was their one goal, 
They set up shops and laundries, became part of the fold. 
The islands now had become an immense melting pot 
Of people, living, breeding, and what a line they got! 

We are a rainbow people, of every creed and race , 
So many ancestral signs in every single face; 
We have a blessed island, sunshine, blue skies and seas 
Green hills, majestic mountains, rare flowers, spreading trees. 

A product of my country, no race to call my own,
Simply a Trinidadian, so many seeds were sown.
My ancestors are varied, they came from far and near,
Call me ‘Trinbagonian,’ I am from everywhere!

The Winds of Change

The winds of change blow strong, they sweep me along  Buffeted every way, so I’ve learned to sway;                       
They blow hot then cold, they bend and they mould,
Those winds of change have had their way with me.  
And they have brought me pain, time and time again,
Forced me to my knees, but now I rise with ease; 
They try me and test, they give me no rest,
Those winds of change have been so hard on me.                           
 But they’ve also been great, and I celebrate                      
Life in so many ways, I’ve had perfect days;                     
Known laughter and love , My Friend from above, 
Those winds of change have oftimes smiled on me.                     
 Let them blow where they must blow, and I will go              
Wherever they lead, their direction I'll heed;                      
And when time is done, and my race is run,     
Those winds of change might finally let me be.

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