Simply Maire

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Always a kind word,
her poetry was always heard.
She spoke heart through her verse.
A gentle soul, that was hers.

I only met her online
but could tell I’d want her as a friend of mine.
She always had a sweet reply,
even when others brushed on by.

I’ll remember her for that kindness.
To have known her I was blessed.
I’ll also remember her for her talent.
Her work was often pretty and pleasant.

I’ll miss her words. I’ll miss her replies
because home to Heaven now she flies
but, I’ll enjoy the beauty of her words
in her poems left floating around the boards.

She was simply talented, a true Pub poet.
It was always a pleasant place when she was on the net.
When I read her poems it will be like she’s still there
and when I feel ignored I’ll think of Maire.

© December 16, 2006 Karen Davies