Simply Maire

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Goodbye My Friend
by: Aquamarina2

Good bye my friend,
we shall meet again
When the world is reborned
through flood, through rain

When Spring is here
after winter's long sleep
and the flowers bloom again
no more hearts will weep.

Goodbye my friend,
though our roads now diverge
but look ahead to the future
they will once more merge

You've done all you need to
and said all that needed be
I now need to do all my parts
to fullfill my foretold destiny

So goodbye my friend
our parting will be brief
But I will try to smile
through the must felt grief

Goodbye Maire, say hi to my mom for me.
Maire will be missed greatly by one and all. She was such a giver across the boards. So cheerful and upbeat. Her poetry was (simply) awesome!!!

“For Simply Maire.”
by: Zaida Lysle

Though we never met face to face
your passing deeply saddens me,
we shared a place sealed in a space
that transcends the world’s reality.

Though you were there and I was here
our minds touched in-between,
to share those things we both hold dear
our hopes and thoughts and dreams.

You will be sorely missed my friend,
one less fine poet there will be,
I follow you around the bend,
look forward to your company.

Your poems they will all live on
preserved here in virtual reality,
to say that you can not be gone
while they remain indefinitely.

by: Boardflak

Far from the surf,
beyond the sand,
above the clouds,
a fabled land;
when we will meet
on that day fair,
I'll know you then
as simply Maire.
Maggie Cusick.