Simply Maire

I doubt she truly knew how much she has touched our hearts...I'll miss her here,but feel her in spirit...always...Bravo dear poet ! Maire would have said....
warm regards...
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Maire was always kind to me.I know she loved unicorns 
I bet she is riding one right

Our heartfelt sadness and condolences to the Pub family, and Maire's family on this tremendous loss.

I didn't have the privelege of knowing her well, but as was said before, she was not only a talented poet, but a lovely and encouraging presence everywhere she posted, with a kind word for everyone. There will be a void in many lives without her presence.

The members and staff of Piles of Poetry
and also from Robert E Bauer, HaikuWorld monthly Kukai 
It's always heart breaking to lose a loved one and Maire was surely loved.

Bush Poet
Merv Webster 

I would like to extend my condolences to the family and friends of Maire, I am sure she was a special Angel in their lives and will remain one in the eyes of God...God Bless and Comfort Her family and Friends...
Love, Twinklewriter & Family 
With all sentiments said, you will be missed...missed...missed. Namyh 
I feel the empty space u left
but your presence lingers here

Thank you Maire for sharing the best of you with us all, and you are missed!

When stepping in at the Pub, 
I realize how much I miss her.
She's here, but she's not.
And teary eyes are mine.


Oh, Maire, your italicized words are missed today.
Remember how she'd always lean toward truth? That may be why she chose italics, you know. Sweet Lady Maire.

I am saddened to hear of her passing. Maire was such a sweet soul. She always replied and was always so kind to me. I did not even know anything was wrong, I just noticed she wasn't posting as much. She was very talented and will be missed immensely.   Moonchild8
I can't find words befitting such a treasured spirit as Maire
but in the very short time I have been visiting this site Maire was one of a few who welcomed me so warmly, into the fold.

I will remember her with fondness and appreciation for the gift of her presence in my poetry life...

journey safe, dear one
you will be remembered..

Blessed Be
Sasha xx
Angel of Shadow