Simply Maire

When Maire left this earthly plane,  she left friends and family who miss her sorely but celebrate the joy of having shared her space.

This page contains poems and sentiments voiced by the poets of The Peaceful Pub, in an attempt to convey our love for SimplyMaire. 

Crossing Jordan
by: zJared

Now there is one more person
Who will greet me across Jordan
Tho I never saw her here
I am sure I will know her smile

It always amazes me
What the written word conveys
How the soul is revealed
In the words we write

She was a skilled poet
Often saying volumes
In so few words
Kindness and gentleness
Her trademark and seal

She enjoyed the poetry of others
Quick to say
highlighting her favorite passages

she was a lovely constant
someone to rely on
whose keen intellect
was always there for us

against all my instincts
I will not mourn
She would want us to remember her
With smiles and fondness

I see her in mind’s eye
Strolling wooded paths and meadows
A gleaming angel at her side
In the company of children

Pay no attention
To the dampness in my eyes
I am happy for her
She is so free

She lacks nothing
She is fulfilled
It is only we
Who are bereft

Fly free dear friend

One of Us
by: Jean Lewis

You were and are one of us,
we feel you still in our midst.
Distressed at your parting,
we know you smile,
watching us, pens poised,
waiting patiently
for inspiration,
while you,tended by angels
sit peacefully in a verdant place,
writing fluently in
your inimitable flowing style.

by: Jazmine 426

Maire you brought us
shimmering irises
dappled with dew,
a pebble
containing the wisdom
of the universe.

Thank you for your kindness,
your sweet encouraging words.
We miss you~ 
More than Simply...
by: Groriter

She was never "SIMPLY Maire"
when writing poetry;
and responding to you & me
for she was an attraction
of superb creation
when editing the Pub's action.

Alaura dus  2006.
SimplyMaire wove autumnal sunlight and shimmering flowers. She was a delicate and beautiful writer and yes, a kind spirit.
She always had a good word for everyone. Her presence is beyond missed.~ Jazmine
No wonder Maire's poetry was so inspirational, she gave so much inspiration to others.

The Pub and its family was so enriched by her presence and will continue to be because of her gifts.

Maire's poetry still lives and  I will forever feel her Spirit, known to us Simply as Our Poet Friend.

The Blessed are so because of Blessings given.~ Gawell
I was shocked and saddened to hear of the loss of Maire. She was a beautiful human being and a true original, always productive and unfailingly encouraging to her fellow poets, whether old regulars or nervous newcomers.

I've heard it said that most of the world's greatest writers, poets and artists pass undiscovered and never fully appreciated. That can't be said of Maire, because she will forever be immortalised on this site, and she will never be forgotten be the people who post here.

God bless you, Maire.
Paul                          (Paul Ferry)
The Air is Cool and Sweet
by: smzang

Delft and dahlias,
apples lush and crisp,
The air is cool and sweet.

Caught in sleep's cold depths
but for a second,
she walks in sunshine now.

The tenderness of remembering
overwhelms grass and stone,
the fingers of the rain

renew her canvas.
What is evening
but an extension of the day?

On weightless soles
she roams the fields of clover,
The air is cool and sweet.

A Cut Above
by: Mary Ann Harrison

Across the veils, she has flown.
Though we weep,
Maire was an awesome god
fire being to have known.
This fine poet will always be a part of us.
Her kindness and poetry reached
out and touched the caverns of our souls.

Gone, But Never To Be Forgotten
by: Jim AKA Rapid Fire

 Simply, Maire isn't here anymore,
she's entered through Heaven's door.
Even in more peace than she was here,
Maire was Simply such a dear.

Her poetic contributions will be missed,
the legacy she left will still exist.
Her writings will live on and on,
as she looks down from a heavenly zone.

No more suffering, and no more pain,
one day, we'll all see her again.
Humble and talented, qualities so rare,
she'll always remain..... Simply Maire..............
by: Craig Kirchner

Mourning path to truth,
trails of white lilies, next lives,
bloom at the coffin.  
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the perfect day
(for the poet, Simply Maire)
by: Wintersong

day dawns in pink and blues
delicate as the aroma of earth
after a warm rain
incense from a poet’s pen
potpourri of all things beautiful

day dies with splendor-
gold and bronze
fire of crimson
images borrowed from the brush
of inspiration

twilight lingers pastel 
sweet as the taste of love

and though the perfect day
has passed
the glory of moon and stars
reflect her meaning

For Maire
by: Gawell

sun is weeping
lonely without her sight
moon will dull its glow
stars blink back tears

I will miss her 
I still hear her singing
her words echoing
in these halls 
Your words have touched us all,
A memory embedded in this wall,
Adieu my friend and guide,
One day I'll meet you on the other side.

Those of us who are more mature can communicate in the Stillness. I'm selfish, I feel very bad. Trying to hold it back....Maire, dear Maire, so many of us love you so very much. After a few days I'll come back to this Room and try to let you go. Our letting you go so that you can journey on.

Travel on, Maire. Bon Voyage!

Your friend forever, Dave..... 
I mourn this loss also, very deeply

"May your Soul fly upon the wings of a Dove bearing an olive branch in its beak." 

IMA the third some
Maire..I am sad at your passing but rejoice knowing you are flying difficult to put into words how I feel..I miss you
Deb Benson
A great loss to the community and indeed the the world It'self. A beautiful lady who took the time to share her wonderful writings... God Bless...bacara..