Rich Roach
Rich Roach
Poet, Writer, Musician, Educator 

O friend, let poetry breathe forth this night, 
and fill your mortal heart with heaven's dreams, 
that thoughts and sentiments of lesser might 
might bathe an hour in love's Castalian* streams. 

My words cannot contend with ire and spite, 
but they can work their way into the soul, 
whereby each inward smart may taste the light 
of soft forgiveness - aye, thus do words condole. 

So rest your mind on moons all silver-white, 
or dimpled Cupids on Cleopatra's barge; 
or glimpse that star, fair nature's eremite, 
o'er woven bowers round an island's marge. 

Friend, walk the world's fair footsteps with me now, 
and heed the laurels strewn on time's wide brow. 

*Castalian: “in Greek mythology, Castalia was a nymph whom Apollo transformed into a fountain at Delphi, at the base of Mount Parnassus, or at Mount Helicon. Castalia could inspire the genius of poetry to those who drank her waters or listened to their quiet sound.” - Wikipedia

A Poet's Plea

The following poems are arranged into three sections, forming what I like to think of as a triptych of poetry.  The three sections are: Shakespeare, the seasons, and children.


Shakespeare  I find Shakespeare's love of words and the Protean nature of his characters and poetry endlessly fascinating.  I am also intrigued by the writer himself and the very mystery of his being.  Shakespeare was my first mentor, taking me into the magical world of poetry through the myriad windows of his sonnets.

The Seasons  The seasons are a large part of life here in Niagara Falls.  The Falls themselves continually change with the seasons, forever speaking their own natural wisdom.  I cannot imagine life here without the seasons; they offer us a chance to reflect upon who we were, who we are, and who we might be in the future, a future which must always include the changing of the seasons.

Children  Presently, I teach a Grade 4 class in a rural elementary school.  Working with children is like working in a room filled with living, breathing books, singing, dancing poetry, and a welcome steady stream of living art.  I never feel so alive as when I am in the presence of a child – or a child-like mind.  Take the time to find the girl or boy who still resides within, and you will have spent your time most wisely.  If it is wisdom to find yourself, you can do no better than to see yourself through the eyes, ears, mouths, minds, and hearts of children.

If any of my words are able to find their way into your heart, then they will have served their purpose.  It is my hope that poetry will, as it does with children, live and breathe in the hearts and minds of all people, leading us to appreciate life's many wonders, celebrate our differences, and maintain a peaceful coexistence with each other and the world.

Rich Roach, March 12, 2012
Niagara Falls, Ontario,

The Seasons
Poet, Writer, Musician, Educator 
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The poet's stage is in the heart,
and each new verse must play its part
spring, summer, fall, and winter wild,
with all the fervour of a child.
"A Triptych of Poetry"